The Consulting Garage is your answer for no-nonsense business improvement.

  • Has the pandemic seriously impacted your business?  
  • Is your supply chain out of synch?
  • Are your business systems struggling to keep up?
  • Is your business strategy obsolete or incomplete?
  • Are you anxious to take deliberate and strategic action to improve your business? 

Whether your business is part of a global corporation or is a niche player, we can help you address your business challenges. 

  • Tim Cooper, founder and principal of the Consulting Garage, is an experienced consultant and former senior publishing executive with a wide range of experience and a strong management track record. Tim is skilled in supply chain systems and operations, with a focus on strategic planning, Tim has helped his clients and employers save millions of dollars, and he will help you too.   See our ABOUT US page.  https://consultinggarage.com/about us


The Strategic Arena – The Consulting Garage

We will guide you through a sequence of collaborative work designed to highlight and analyze your key business factors, understand which impact you the most, then we prioritize and focus so you can implement the strategic actions specifically targeted to improve your business.

Using The Strategic Arena approach will help to identify and prioritize the most important factors to deal with first.

Tim Cooper, The Consulting Garage

Our clients report that they see collateral benefit as they design and implement their strategic actions. They discover that their priorities have linkages with other parts of their business that are easily leveraged, or point them to brainstorm in a particularly notable direction.

Tim Cooper, The Consulting Garage

When our clients gain new insight into their business, it builds their confidence to act strategically when and where change is required.

Tim Cooper, The Consulting Garage