• Is your business growing past your comfort zone?  
  • Are changes in your industry overwhelming?
  • Is your business in a transition period that requires careful navigation?
  • Are you a business founder or long-term leader who sees the need to prepare for the future?
  • Do you see a stark contrast between what your business could be and what it currently is?
  • Are you anxious to take deliberate and strategic action to improve your business? 

 If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from working with an experienced management coach.

We will guide you through a sequence of collaborative work designed to highlight and analyze your key business factors, understand which impact you the most, then we prioritize and focus so you can implement the strategic actions specifically targeted to improve your business.

Our clients report that they see collateral benefit as they design and implement their strategic actions. They discover that their priorities have linkages with other parts of their business that are easily leveraged, or point them to brainstorm in a particularly notable direction. When our clients gain new insight into their business, it builds their confidence to act strategically when and where change is required.

Our mission to is to help you gain new insights to improve your business.  By being your coach and advisor, we work regularly with you to discover the facts, assess the situation, and then recommend steps you can take based on the realities of your situation. Tim Cooper, founder and principal of the Consulting Garage, is an experienced coach, consultant and former senior executive with a wide range of expertise and an impressive management track record. Highly skilled in operations with a focus on strategic planning, Tim is a leader with a successful history of improving day-to-day operations as well as directing enterprise-level initiatives. Tim has helped his clients and employers save millions of dollars, and he will help you.   See our ABOUT US page.  https://consultinggarage.com/about us

Our clients trust us to provide no-nonsense coaching and advice.  The core of our approach is to establish trust and honest communication with you.  Then we collaboratively assess your business.  When needed we provide a range of business expertise. Our competencies range from strategic planning and organizational management to business development and supply chain management. We’ve consulted for a variety of businesses, from established corporate publishers and printers to rapidly growing software and marketing promotion companies.  See OUR APPROACH page.  https://consultinggarage.com/our-approach

Our consulting services offer practical support to your business, no matter the industry. Using a no-nonsense approach to problem solving, The Consulting Garage can help you uncover innovative approaches and bring fresh insight and understanding to address your challenges.

Consulting-by-Appointment is delivered through regularly scheduled phone meetings.  Our consulting time is scaled to your business needs and bandwidth so you don’t have to commit to a huge expense or major block of time to address your challenges. Billed monthly, consulting-by-appointment includes time spent during phone meetings, doing research and preparing materials (when applicable), and following up on approved work.

Project-based Consulting is our traditional service and is ideal for major projects that require dedicated resources over a planned span of time. We start with an introductory session to discuss the project. We then prepare a draft agreement, timeline and cost estimate for your review. When both parties agree on the particulars, we sign the agreement.  See our CONSULTING page.  https://consultinggarage.com/

We use a unique framework created by Tim to identify, analyze, and prioritize the most important factors for your business. The Consulting Garage’s Strategic Arena model is based on best practice from our success in helping clients understand what’s involved in taking the next step. Working with you, we catalog your key internal and external factors.  Then we analyze and quickly peg those that are your weakest links so you can prioritize actions designed to address them.  Using our Strategic Arena framework gets you on the road to business improvement. https://consultinggarage.com/strategic-arena

The Consulting Garage is your answer for no-nonsense business improvement.

The Consulting Garage is a consulting service offering hands-on, practical support to businesses of all types. Using a plain-sense approach to problem solving, the Consulting Garage can help you develop innovative strategies to address your business challenges and enhance profitability. We use a straightforward process of discovery, assessment, and recommendation, and we always remember that new ideas and new processes must have solid profit potential.

Whether your business is part of a global corporation or is a niche player, we can help improve your results and/or address your business challenges.

The Consulting Garage uses a solid and practical methodology. The Consulting Garage takes each project-based assignment through a thorough, 3-step process that quickly yields information and leads to targeted results.

a. Discovery:

          Evaluation of your current situation begins with a review of relevant documentation and reports, along with stakeholder interviews.

b. Assessment:

         Drill down into operational elements using output of the discovery work as a launching point. Processes, program design and execution, systems support, staffing, and reporting are assessed through a combination of site visits and face-to-face in-depth interviews with key staff.

c. Recommendation:

    Your final deliverables include complete documentation of the assessment, detailed recommendations built on business requirements, and a time-phased plan for implementation based on priorities.
Bring your business in today for a tune-up and learn how you can keep it moving forward while gaining or maintaining a competitive edge.