About Us

Our mission to is to help you grow your business by being your coach and advisor.

We work with you to uncover insights and then recommend steps you can take based on the realities of your situation. Located in beautiful La Mesa, CA, just east of San Diego, The Consulting Garage (established in 2008) serves English-speaking clients from around the world.

Tim Cooper, founder and principal of the Consulting Garage, is an experienced consultant and former senior executive with a wide range of expertise and an impressive management track record. Highly skilled in collaborative management with a focus on strategic planning, Tim is a leader with a successful history of improving day-to-day operations as well as directing enterprise-level initiatives. Tim helped his employers save millions of dollars, and he can help you too.

In addition to work experience from the retail floor to the corporate boardroom, Tim has an MA in Organizational Management.  He has attended great programs on business strategy and supply chain management at Harvard Business School, MIT/Sloan School of Management, Saint Louis University/John Cook School of Business, and the University of Texas at Austin. Tim also reads widely to keep current on the most interesting and impactful business and technology developments.

Tim’s vision of The Consulting Garage as a no-nonsense, no frills, highly focused, practical, hands-on consulting service grew from his own experiences (both positive and negative) in dealing with consultants over the years. Having worked with all consulting types, from the corporate megaliths to the boutique specialists, Tim has taken the best approaches and distilled them into the simple essence of listen, learn, and lead.

To read more about the vision of the Consulting Garage, please click here to view the Consulting Garage Q&A. For more details about Tim’s professional experience, you may click here to see his CV (resume).