Inventory and Supply Chain Advice For Printers

TIM COOPER, Founder and Principal of The Consulting Garage is a globally recognized publishing expert who has worked with printers in the US, Canada, China, Singapore, UK, Australia and the Philippines. Tim’s background in publishing strategy and operations includes projects pioneering the use of digital printing for Trade and Education books, as well as years of Global Supply and Vendor (Printer) sourcing experience for publishers. He’s spoken at printing events around the globe, and offers strategic perspectives that integrate the economics of digital versus offset, total cost of ownership (TCO) and 21st supply chain evolution. Read Tim’s white paper, “A Re-balanced Approach To Print And Digital” on LinkedIn.

Supply Chain Digital Transformation Opportunities For Publishers

Tim’s latest white paper provides publishers with a 21st century inventory strategy, called Tri-brid.  It uses three supply chains to manage three distinct segments of inventory.  Two of the supply chains rely on routine digital print services.

Tim’s latest white paper here

The IA&A:  The “Inventory Analysis & Assessment” developed by Tim is a structured and secure process for a printer and client publisher.  With non-disclosure in place for all parties, the publisher then shares specific inventory and sales data with Tim, and hosts an on-site review conference.  Tim facilitates the review sessions which are sequenced to collect the information needed to complete the IA&A assessment. The printer representative joins the review sessions to contribute as appropriate, and develops a deeper understanding of how the publisher operates.

The IA&A results provide valuable insights to guide the publisher to target their top priority areas for improvement.  The IA&A’s also provide a clear structure for designing and implementing follow up actions.  Because the printer is included, they can provide more  informed input as they collaborate to help the publisher accelerate progress.

An in-person facilitated strategic review

  • Examine industry trends and their implications
  • Specify and describe the key competitive factors in your market
  • Analyze your current performance
  • Analyze your key competitors performance
  • Prioritize specific actions to improve performance
  • Choice of facilitated group meeting or individual work
  • Scheduled, prioritized and facilitated strategy time

Tim Cooper speaking at McPherson’s Printing Group outside of Melbourne Australia 2012

 For a no-cost consultation to find out if your printing business can benefit from a Strategic Review or other service based on your business needs, contact Tim Cooper at
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