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The Consulting Garage Q & A with Tim Cooper, Founder & Principal

Q: What makes the Consulting Garage special?

A: The Consulting Garage approach brings the power of corporate strategic and operational management techniques to your business without the bureaucracy and expense. It is an affordable, no-nonsense, practical, hands-on, unpretentious consulting service. No Armani suits or freshly minted MBA’s learning about real business while billing the client, no political maneuvering, just a focus on understanding what the client’s problem is and how to address it.

Q: Who is “in” the Consulting Garage?

A: My name is Tim Cooper, and I started the Consulting Garage in 2008. My service offerings reflect my interests, skills, and professional experiences working with companies around the world. I am committed to serving my clients’, and my reputation and track record proves that I am effective. For more information, please visit please visit the About page  or view my LinkedIn profile

Q: Why should a business choose the Consulting Garage?

A: It is simple, because of service quality and results. I make all aspects of any consulting involvement as easy and transparent as possible for the client. This down-to-earth approach helps alleviate any anxiety some people feel whenever an outside perspective is added to the problem-solving mix. My clients receive the value-add of working with an experienced senior executive with a varied and successful track record of defining and implementing specific business improvements, and who is capable of working with all levels of an organization.

Q: How big does my budget need to be to use the Consulting Garage?

A: I provide service options that can fit most budgets, starting with $999 for the Express Pak for very small businesses. My Consulting On-Demand (COD) service is flexible so you can get real-time help when you need it, in increments as small as 15 minute blocks of time. This is normally the best alternative for businesses with annual revenues of $1 million to $10 million. For larger businesses, Project-based consulting is a more traditional service and involves a more formal preliminary process to develop an estimate of time and cost. For more detail about these services, please visit the Consulting Garage Services page.

Q: What methodologies do you use to work through problems?

A: I see each client as unique and treat their business as a specific case. For strategic consulting I use a unique combination and sequence of the best tools and exercises to deliver insight to my clients. In general, I use a thorough, 3-step process to combine the best analysis with the best bigger picture thinking. For more information, go to https://consultinggarage.com/index.php.

Contact Information

Tim Cooper     [email protected] (619)-905-4545

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