Literary Rights Deal Advisor

In 2021 it is clear that a healthy market for previously untapped publishing Literary Rights, including future royalty shares, is coming. Book publishing and the opportunity to invest in top authors is now attractive to non-traditional literary rights investors.

Selling the rights to future royalties is an emerging opportunity for top authors. For accomplished professionals, the ability to engage in legacy management, diversify financial assets, or prepare their estates is a growing need. In some life circumstances, an immediate payment based on a valuation of years of anticipated royalties can make a real difference in an author’s quality of life.

As a result, within the next few years demand for literary rights will drive major deals for authors that are comparable to highly publicized announcements in the music publishing space involving Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul Simon, David Crosby, and many other prominent artists. All of these deals involved selling rights to future royalties from music publishing to investors for upfront payment.

As a Deal Advisor, I’ll validate, then accelerate, the rights sales process for authors who are interested in finding Literary Rights Investors. Authors must have a strong track record of earned royalties over a multi-year timeframe. Royalties earned must be consistent and robust enough to interest investors.

More to come…