Has your business stalled?  If it’s time for a tune up, The Consulting Garage is open.

  • Is your business stuck in a rut?  Have your results reached a plateau, or are they declining?
  • Do you have management issues that are impeding progress?
  • Do you know the areas that require the most urgent attention?
  • Do you know which next steps to take to improve your business?

The nature of business competition in the 21st century is changing.  The speed of change is bringing more threats and opportunities to the surface.  How are you closing the gap between seeing opportunity and achieving profitable growth?

Our consulting services offer practical support to your business, no matter the industry. Using a no-nonsense approach to problem solving, The Consulting Garage can help you uncover innovative approaches and bring fresh insight and understanding to address your challenges.

  1. Consulting-by-Appointment is delivered through regularly scheduled phone meetings.  Our consulting time is scaled to your business needs and bandwidth so you don’t have to commit to a huge expense or major block of time to help address your challenges. Billed monthly, consulting-by-appointment includes time spent during phone meetings, doing research and preparing materials (when applicable), and following up on approved work.
  2. Project-based Consulting is our traditional service and is ideal for major projects that require dedicated resources over a planned span of time. We start with an introductory session to discuss the project. We then prepare a draft agreement, timeline and cost estimate for your review. When both parties agree on the particulars, we sign the agreement 

Clients like you use The Consulting Garage services in the following ways:

  • Receive executive coaching
  • Enable management transition planning
  • Create a viable strategic planning process
  • Identify and prioritize strategic actions
  • Analyze and audit inventory management and supply chain process and results
  • Perform business analysis
  • Document business requirements
  • Lead or facilitate project management efforts
  • Document and refine their organizational management strategy
  • Manage organizational charts
  • Allocate or review decision-making rights
  • Document and improve position descriptions
  • Document and improve work process flows
  • Create or review budgeting frameworks
  • Perform needs analysis
  • Consult on organizational management or human resources
  • Create and analyze business plans for new ventures

Here are examples of specific projects we’ve done for our clients:

  • Led an inventory management audit and analysis for a leading vertically integrated bookseller/publisher/printer. Working with a cross-functional team, we identified significant process, policy and methodology improvements that were implemented in real-time.
  • Successfully performed as a project lead and subject matter expert for a multi-million dollar cost savings effort, documenting and assessing current practices and recommending improved processes for future implementation.
  • Assessed opportunities and developed both short- and long-term actions for cost savings, organizational structural improvements and value chain alignments. The short-term savings opportunities were 10 times the cost of the consulting engagement, and longer-term opportunities were in the millions of dollars.Served as the lead business analyst and primary author of the business requirements for a new suite of client-facing reports that will dramatically improve the visibility and utility of decision-making information.
  • Led and facilitated a strategic seminar for the sales and marketing staff in an industry experiencing “digital disruption” and rapid change. Our session brought all the involved staff up to a common level of understanding about the issues, spawned fresh insights and new approaches, and helped all participants gain clarity and ownership.
  • Facilitated an intervention with two key department heads who were in continual conflict.  By opening a candid and honest dialogue focused on the common business goals both were trying to achieve, the session led to improved relations between the managers.