Our Approach

When you need a trusted advisor and confidential coach, we apply our experience and qualifications to identify your underlying issues, collaborate to define your next steps , and coach you on implementation and evaluation. The outcome for you is insight about your business and a new clarity about the issues facing you so that the most important are tackled first. Finally, we collaborate with you to create a unique roadmap and follow through at regular intervals to help keep your vision on track.

The Consulting Garage offers:

  • No-nonsense coaching and advice: The core of our approach is to establish trust and honest communication with you.
  • A range of business expertise. Our competencies range from strategic planning and organizational management to business development and supply chain management. We’ve consulted for a variety of businesses, from established corporate publishers to rapidly growing software and marketing promotion companies. Visit About Us for more information.
  • Consulting service offerings that meet your needs whether it’s traditional project-based consulting or appointment-based coaching.

We tackle your challenges with our 3 Step Methodology:
1. Discovery: The evaluation of your current situation begins with interviews and also includes reviews of current reports and results so we can identify the salient factors.
2. Assessment: We drill down using our discovery work as a launching point. All relevant business factors are assessed using a variety of tools and models.
3. Recommendation: We jointly create an action plan to address what we’ve found. This can include summary documentation of the discovery and assessment findings, detailed recommendations built on your business requirements, and a time-phased plan for implementation.

  • We use a unique framework to identify, analyze, and prioritize the most important factors for your business. The Consulting Garage’s Strategic Arena model is based on best practice from our success in helping clients understand what’s involved in taking the next step. https://consultinggarage.com/strategic-arena
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