The Consulting Garage Strategic Management model

Strategic management is a dynamic process that guides how successfully a business interacts with its internal and external environment.  At The Consulting Garage, we created the term “strategic arena” to describe the context each business operates in.  Focused strategic management assesses key factors in the strategic arena, then uses the insight gained to design actions that address the top priority issues.  As actions are implemented ongoing measurements create a feedback loop for management.

strategic arena + strategic management v2.0

Success Is More Than Having a Priority

Success Is More Than Having a Priority

Having a priority and focus is not enough to succeed in the business world.  You must be able to design and implement effective actions that are aligned with the priority and focus.  It is only by pairing priority with action that one succeeds.

My strategic approach to management combines the urgency of action and the wisdom of planning.  By reviewing 20 key factors in your strategic arena with exercises sequenced to trigger insight, you build new clarity around the strategic priorities of your business.  Then you design and implement strategic actions intended to impact and influence your priorities.  Part of that design process is to understand how to measure and contextualize the impact of your action.

Using measurement to gauge the effectiveness of your actions provides a feedback loop that helps to inform your ongoing management process

Tim Cooper/The Consulting Garage