The Express Pak

The Consulting Garage Express Pak – the roadmap to put your business on track

Introducing the Consulting Garage Express Pak – a special bundle of consulting services tailored for your small business!

You have a passion. You’ve taken the leap to turn your passion into a business. The business now demands that you pay more attention to the day to day needs rather than nurture the passion that got you started in the first place. Have you grown so quickly you have lost sight of where you are going? Are you too busy with daily demands to take the vision for your business from your head to paper? You know there are experts out there to help you, but you don’t know what it will cost or what you will get. Pull your business into the Consulting Garage for our Express Pak and get back on track. We give you the roadmap.

1) Discovery Process: We work with you to understand where your business is now to determine what your next steps should be. The discovery process includes a personal interview with you-the business owner- to assess your specific needs and problem areas. By collecting and reviewing relevant documents, doing best practice research, and facilitating brainstorming sessions with you and/or representatives from your staff, we create the roadmap.

2) We deliver:
a. A document of your business model so you have a visual representation to refer to of how your company creates value for itself and for your customers
b. A process model of what you are currently doing and how it contrasts with your ideal
c. A simple sales budget with monthly revenue targets that is easy to read and maintain
d. A prioritized list of “quick wins” so you can make immediate improvements to your business
e. A customized strategy blueprint for growing or improving your business for the long run

For only $999, you get the Consulting Garage Express Pak: focused on your business, informed by best practice, and at a 45% discount off our standard rate. Payable via Paypal (credit card) or check, this is an exclusive offer for small business owners like you who want to evolve your passion into a more profitable enterprise.

To find out more, call (619.905.4545) or email me ( today so we can discuss your needs and how the Consulting Garage Express Pak can work for you.

Download the Express Pak pdf